At Straighten-Up Orthodontics we are family practice and very proud of that fact. Everyone that works with us was a patient, a patient's parent or a friend of the family. For example, Dr. Griffies' wife, Janice and his daughter, Brandy, both work here. Then there is Bill, our lab tech. Dr. Griffies treated all three of his sons, then he came to work for us, followed by his son, and former patient, Alex, followed then by his wife, Deb. Madaline's son, Gunnar was a patient before she joined us. Kylle was a patient before he came aboard. Of course, Kylle's mom, Lisa, works with us as well. We bring on team members that have great personalities and great hearts. Of course, our team is highly trained and efficient, but really, best of all is that they are a blast. We enjoy being a little on the wacky side and hope that you will want to join us (only if you're a little wacky yourself). Please get acquainted with our most fabulous team!




    Janice is the creator of Straighten-up Orthodontics. She envisioned a practice that was inviting and cozy, not impersonal and cold. She offers up coffee and cookies (with a toothbrush, of course). Janice and Dr. Griffies strive to make every team member feel that the practice belongs to them as well. She does an amazing job keeping things jovial! “I just wanted to create an environment that I want to be in everyday,” she says,“it just so happens that the team and the patients like it as well!”
    Janice was born in Dallas, Texas and is one of seven children. She and Dr. Griffies have been married for 28 years and his military service allowed them to travel the world. Together they have two children, Brandy and Chris. They also have three fantastic grandsons that they like much better than their children. When she is not at work…well, when is she not? Supposing she finds the time, Janice enjoys reading and sculpting. Her most dedicated hobby however, is undoing any disciplinary strides her daughter, Brandy, has made with her three boys, by spoiling them to immeasurable extremes. (Thanks, mom)



    I joined Dr. Griffies’ team in 2008. I manage the front desk, which is always hopping! I really enjoy meeting the patients and getting to know them and their families – it is always exciting!
    I am originally from Jamestown, North Carolina. I met my husband, William, at college in Boone. We have a very sassy daughter, Clair, who keeps us on our toes!
    My time off is spent reading, hiking, canoeing. We take every opportunity that we can to get to the mountains or the beach. And you may be surprised to know that I love music and going to concerts – I really, really love it. Would you believe I love bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I’m pretty cool. Ha, ha!



    I started working with Dr. Griffies in February of 2010. Time has flown by! I am responsible for filing insurance claims, and other aspects of billing. I do get to work at the front desk a lot of the time, too. That means that I can really enjoy my favorite part of this job - seeing the patients' smiles transform from beginning to end.
    I am from Millbury, Massachusetts, and so is my husband, Bill, who works here as well. We have three sons; Alex, Ryan, and Zac. They all had their braces done with Dr. Griffies before we joined the team. Ryan and Zac are both in the Armed Forces and Alex is a talented tattoo artist with his own shop in Red Springs.



    Oh goodness, I have worked with Dr. G (my dad!), for forever! I do a little bit of everything in the office, but my number one responsibility is meeting the new patients and helping them to get started on the road to braces. It is the best job, if you ask me. Making the patients not only feel comfortable, but actually have fun at the dentist is awesome.
    I am originally from Dallas, but my dad was in the Army, so we moved everywhere. I have been in North Carolina since 2003 - the longest I have ever lived in one place. I have three very adorable, very energetic boys; Eli, Liam, and Henry. They definitely keep me busy.
    When I am not at the office, I am keeping things running at home. Three boys makes for a hectic schedule. If I can manage the free time, I like to paint and read. I love, love, love music, too. Wendy (at the front desk) is one of my best concert-going buddies!



    I have been with Dr. Griffies for over twelve years! I worked with him when he was stationed at Ft. Bragg and when he retired I followed him to Raeford. I am a dental assistant and I am responsible for training the new assistants that join our team. That is probably my favorite part of my job – teaching.
    My husband and I have four grandsons that we like better than our children! Ha, ha! And a Scottish Terrier, Barney, who gets chased by our guinea pig, Jefferson, and a very naughty chocolate lab, Pepperjack, who I don’t want to talk about.
    I like to spend my time away from the office reading books in the pool and spoiling my grandchildren. You may be surprised to know that I’m a democrat and my husband is a republican – you can imagine what election season is like in my house!



    I have been working with Dr. G since 2007. I am an assistant, which in orthodontics means I get to do all kinds of cool stuff! My favorite part of my job is working with the patients, of course. It is great to watch them grow and gain confidence!
    I am a North Carolina girl, originally from Carthage. I am married to Al (he works with me!) and we have two sons, Richard and Kylle (he works with me, too!). I love my hot tub, reading, camping, painting and playing Bejeweled!
    You may be surprised to know that I collect rabbit figurines and crystal. And I am absolutely addicted to the television shows, “Castle” and “Vampire Diaries”.

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    2007 was the year that changed the office forever! That’s when I joined the team! I am an assistant, which I really love because I can joke with patients (and parents) all day long!
    I am from Shandaken, New York, which is in the Catskill Mountains. My husband is retired military and we have two sons, Gunnar and Gabe. They were both patients of Dr.G’s.
    When I’m not at work, I like to go to the beach, swim, cook, and rescue dogs. You may be surprised to know that my family professionally trains dogs – all kinds of dogs, especially aggressive and hard to train ones.



    I have been on the team since 2009. I handle just about everything in the office! Supplies, x-ray, sterilization, handouts, maintenance – you name it! I love everything about my job!
    I am originally from the Big D (that’d be Detroit!). When I’m not at work, I like to go camping and ride my bicycle. You also may not know that I collect coins, and I like wood working. And, I work with my wife, Lisa, and my son, Kylle!



    I have been working with Dr. G for so long that I don't even remember when I started! It was certainly after all three of my boys finished their orthodontic treatment - how's that for bad timing? Ha! I am the lab guy. I make all of the plaster casts of patients' teeth and I manufacture all of our orthodontic appliances. My lab is state-of-the-art!
    Honestly, the best part of my job is harassing my co-workers. I'm really good at it! I don't get to interact too much with the patients, which is disappointing. Now that I think about it, maybe they are doing that on purpose...
    I was born and raised in Massachusetts, but moved a round a bit after I joined the Army.
    You may not know this, but I am singer-songwriter with several hits that have yet to be released! When I'm not playing my guitar, I do enjoy a good workout.



    I joined Dr. G in 2009. I do all kinds of things around the office, but mainly x-ray and sterilization. I also help at the front desk and run the consult room. My favorite thing about my job is the free toothbrushes! Just kidding! I like joking around with the patients!
    I am from the area, Bucktown (Raeford, that is). I work with my mother, Lisa, and my father, Al. When I’m not at the office I really like to draw, write, sing, dance and play video games. I’m not sure if it’s surprising or not, but I am a massive comic nerd – I love Superman and I have everything, and I mean everything, that has Superman on it. Also, I recently got married (she likes Superman, too)!

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